Dry Rosé Wine – Alhéna

Vintage : 2022

Grape varieties : Petite Perle
Alcohol level : 12.0% alc./vol.
esidual sugars : 2.0 g/L

Characteristics :
Alhéna (or Almeisan), the one that shines, is a fresh and aromatic rosé wine (fruit pressed with moderation). With notes of cherries, morellos and blackberries. It is the rosé that shines for the summertime.

Ideal with the following dishes:
Fruit salad, nuts, cold cuts, poultry and Mediterranean appetizers.



  • For purchase of 12 bottles or more – delivery included within a 20 km radius of the vineyard.
  • Or pick up from the vineyard – by appointment only.
Once your transaction is completed, we will contact you to confirm your delivery/pickup choice.